Mild Celebrating

Tonight was supposed to be soup night.  I’ve created too many dishes over the last few days and I have some left over beets so I imagined making a batch of borscht and eating it with toasted bread and cheese.  A good one pot dinner, simple but satisfying and delicious.  Then things changed. This morning I had a meeting with an advisor at Portland State to address a letter I received two weeks ago saying that I had not in fact received the degree it took me over a decade to earn.  In a magical slight of hand the man I met with was able to convert some old credits into functioning new credits and now I am returned to my status as a college graduate.  YAY! So now its time to celebrate.  Already, I was unsure of the borscht as an accompaniment to the Project Runway finale (Go Mondo) but now I know for sure that beet soup, no matter how lovely, is just not festive enough.  So what to eat for a mild celebration?

Because this is only a mild celebration I will simply do the things that make me happy.  Coffee and a pumpkin date muffin from my favorite neighborhood coffee place, Ristretto, to start the day.  A quick trip to the used bookstore, Second Glance Books on Sandy Blvd, with the dog for a bit of conversation and a couple of the paperbacks I favor plus a little hardback

Chicken teriyaki

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number on 19th century women killers as a special treat.  Lunch is chicken teriyaki from Du’s Grill.  This is one of my favorite culinary cheats, for $6.90 you get a pile of delicious teriyaki chicken thighs and salad covered with some delicious poppy dressing.  This is not gourmet eating.  The meat quality is low, the salad is iceberg and the dressing is obviously made from vats of mayonnaise but there is something about it that makes me keep coming back.  The crunchy exterior of the grilled chicken combines with the sticky sweet sauce which sings in your mouth.  If they served that sauce on a chicken breast I would probably go there everyday but,  even if I don’t, the lunchtime line out the door suggests that a lot of people do.

That was lunch.  Then life gets in the way.  I have laundry to do, dishes to wash and a meeting downtown.  So what to do next? I would love to continue the celebration somewhere nice but the truth is it is only a mild celebration and my friends are broke.  What I am thinking is a couple drinks at the neighborhood bar followed by a bottle of wine and some takeout.  Its not the most glamorous night, rather it is cozy and simple, perfect for a mild celebration.


~ by whatsheeats on October 28, 2010.

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