I Love Pizza

Its a thing.  I shouldn’t eat it and when I’m minding my diet I don’t eat it a lot but I think that pizza is nearly the perfect food.  I get it, its not fancy.  But beer and a pizza, that’s a party, even if its not one you want to wear your good shoes to.

Portland has a lot of pizza options.   From the infamous Pizza Scholls to the the less than mediocre national chains.  There are plenty of places that I like but right now I am particularly enamored with Amalfi’s.  Amalfi’s is a NE standard and has been for decades.  When I was a child my grandparents would take me there for pizza and though they are cleaner bigger and nicer now the pizza remains the same: delicious.

The crust is thin but not cracker thin and is buttery and pastry like.  The toppings are fresh and plentiful without being overwhelming and the cheese is ooey gooey goodness.

The rest of their food menu is just ok though they do feature a delicious garlic bleu cheese dressing for their salads.  The cocktail menu features many a delicious item, my favorite is the Cowboy Cassidy (bourbon and ginger oh my), and they know how to make a beverage right.  If your drinkin’ though the best bang for your buck is the sangria, $10 gets you a half carafe of red boozyness.

they also have a respectable happy hour that is worth a visit to check it out.  They have mini pizzas (about 6″), buffalo shrimp and garlic cheese bread among many items on their cheep food menu.

but the key to Amalfis is

um yay! Pizza


~ by whatsheeats on December 7, 2010.

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