Return to The Deep

In our family Christmas revolves around a series of meals.  Christmas Eve we have an early snack with a cocktail at La Posada then after a variety of activities we have a lovely fish stew and crusty bread before opening one present.  On Christmas morning we have sticky buns, and sometimes almond and apricot breads, with bagels, cream cheese and lox and usually scrambled eggs, mimosas and coffee.  We graze throughout the day and then come dinner time we have a huge dinner featuring turkey, ham, tamales, and all the sides you can imagine; accompanied by wine, whiskey and two or three desserts.

To add to the general fanfare of the dinner my brother and I have been smoking our Christmas turkey to a rich golden color for the last several years.  This process, of course, involves my brine.

this year for a change my brother bought whiskey chips to smoke with and so not to be shown up I went with a whiskey (bourbon of course) brine.  Sub a bottle of cheap but reasonable bourbon (I went with Evan Williams) for wine and go to town.

The results were delicious.


~ by whatsheeats on December 26, 2010.

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